• You play padel 2 vs 2. Together with your partner you challenge 2 friends or other couples to a game of padel!
  • The ball may bounce once on one half
  • The ball is out if it touches the glass or fence first and then the ground
  • The glass may be used during the point to return a ball, but not the fence!


In Padel  you play with the same scoring as in tennis. So 15/30/40 game. At 40-40 (Deuce), the rule applies that you win the game with a difference of 2 points. If you win 2 sets you are the winner!


The point always starts with a serve played diagonally and underhand. The service may be delivered after the server has bounced it first. The ball must bounce in the opponent’s service court and may hit the glass. If the ball bounces against the fence (after 1 bounce) the serve is out and the player may serve a second serve.


The club managers and trainers of The Padellers  are always ready to teach you useful tips & tricks. This makes  padel  even more fun!