As a recreational or advanced padel player, you can go to The Padellers for private or duo lessons. The Padellers only employs professional and enthusiastic padel trainers who teach padelles at any level, for young and old. Lessons last 60 minutes and always start on the hour.

The padel course consists of 5 lessons spread over 6 weeks or 10 lessons spread over 12 weeks. If the online schedule only offers a 10-lesson series while your preference is for a 5-lesson series, or vice versa, please email us at tim@thepadellers.nl to discuss the options!

The lessons will be conducted every week on a fixed day and time. The course starts on September 4th and runs until November 26th. In case of adverse weather conditions affecting the lessons, The Padellers may cancel them or potentially relocate them to another location.

Information private or duo lessons
  • A series of lessons with 1 or 2 people
  • Choose a series of 5 or 10 lessons
  • Including trainer, court rental and material
  • Lesson duration: 60 minutes


Between 8 AM and 4 PM

  • € 80,- p.p. per lesson (1 person)
  • € 40,- p.p. per lesson (2 persons)

Between 4 PM and 11 PM

  • € 85,- p.p. per lesson (1 person)
  • € 42,50 p.p. per lesson (2 persons)


  • € 80,- p.p. per person (1 person)
  • € 40,- p.p. per person (2 persons)


  • € 75,- p.p. per lesson  (1 person)
  • € 37,50 p.p. per lesson (2 persons)

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Do you want to take your padel skills to the next level through personalized attention? With the help of private padel lessons, you’ll truly uncover the secrets of padel. Learn the most advanced padel techniques from a genuine padel expert. With the padel tips from our professional trainers, you’ll not only learn padel terms like bandeja padel, bajada padel, chiquita padel, but also how to execute these padel shots perfectly.


From a padel trainer, you’ll receive the most valuable padel tips and padel tactics that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. This includes clever positioning (court coverage), making smart use of the glass walls, and much more. You’ll become better at recognizing situations and assessing where a ball will land. When should you return a ball directly, and when is it better to let it bounce off the wall behind you first? When should you hit the ball off your own wall, and how is it best done? These are all questions our professional padel trainers have answers to.


Padel is the perfect way to work on your ‘summer body.’ In just an hour of padel, you burn an average of 588 calories while receiving a complete all-around body workout. This intensive sport provides cardiovascular training through running, moving, and quick actions, raising your heart rate and burning calories. At the same time, padel strengthens various muscle groups, including your legs, arms, shoulders, and abs, shaping and toning your muscles. The result is not only a tighter body but also effective fat burning. With private or duo padel lessons, you can’t hide; you’ll need to put in the effort, just like with personal training. However, because the game is so enjoyable, it doesn’t feel like you’re completely exhausting yourself. In short, padel is the most enjoyable way to achieve a fit body.


With all our padel locations, there’s bound to be one near you where you can take padel lessons. For padel lessons in Amsterdam, you can visit padel Amsterdam Amstelpark and padel Amsterdam-West. Looking for locations for padel lessons in Utrecht? Check out our beautiful indoor location, padel Doorn. See all padel locations on our website and discover the lesson possibilities.