Reservation System01.06.2022

The Padellers moves to new reservation system

Booking a job has become even easier since the launch of the new reservation system! With just a few presses of a button, you have reserved your job at The Padellers.

Additional functionalities

The new reservation system provides a number of additional features such as:

  • You easily make a reservation for several weeks in a row using the “Contract job booking” function.
  • You always have a clear overview of the reservations you have made.
  • You can sign up for classes through the reservation system.
  • You can easily reserve several lanes at once.
  • You easily book a class series.
  • You can use reservations with discount vouchers

In addition to the above additional features, the reservation platform is in the process of developing an even more comprehensive set of functionalities.

Making a reservation through the new system

Want to make a reservation in the new system for the first time? Then you only need to go through one simple step, which is to reset your password.